Nassau County, NY


As a resident of the Five Towns Communities, I am opposed to the sale of the Woodmere Club land for the purpose of building a dense housing development.

It is my belief that the sale of the Woodmere Club land, and subsequent dense housing development creates numerous neighborhood concerns as to
  • Traffic impact
  • Environmental implications
  • Decreasing housing values in neighboring areas 
  • Loss of trees and plants and the potential for: decrease in air quality, additional green fly and bug infestations as a result of birds being displaced and or killed
  • Additional flooding to the neighborhood due to increased impervious coverage area
  • Ability of the sanitation district to take on all the new homes 
  • Sewer system capacity 
  • Increased dangerous conditions in the event of evacuation for emergency 
I further believe that it is in the best interest of our residents to extend the moratorium on golf course development imposed by the Town of Hempstead for as long as the law permits.

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